Morphing Collection embodies a blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics new materials and echoes of classic styles. Sculptural and sophisticated surprisingly 'familiar' - yet totally innovative - Morphing results from the partnership of archetypical forms (impressed in the memory of every one of us) with innovative aesthetics. It represents the metamorphosis of the bathroom-to-be: owing to a strategic manufacturing project based on the use of few moulds Morphing enables multiple formal and spatial solutions and offers a vast range of models. Ludovica+Roberto Palomba_designer: "We believe that good projects already exist in a sort of collective imagery and that our mission consists in identifying these unconscious needs give them form and introduce them to the world. A product which will be chosen by an infinite number of people we don't know will therefore feel surprisingly familiar right from the first glance. Morphing Collection resumes this idea: we drew inspiration from some classical shapes and make them contemporary by using innovative materials such as Cristalplant." A contemporary reinterpretation of the classic 'bath tub on legs' Morphing/ Bath Tub offers innovative aesthetics comfortable ergonomics and a soft and velvety feel. Also available in the two-coloured versions white and red and white and black this product is destined to change the traditional perception of the bath tub element for ever. Versatile Cristalplant has enabled the creation of a 'panelled' version of monolithic sculptural appeal. Awards: Design Plus 2011; Product Innovation Award_Bathroom Gold by Designer Magazine 2010

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