Faraway is the metaphor for a distant journey to rediscover the senses and explore a new world of wellness completely different from the usual concept of "wellbeing". With fragrances aromas velvety-soft surfaces and rounded shapes that invite soft natural caresses Faraway suggests a nomadic bathroom and gives physical form to the experience of the senses anywhere in the world. We live in a fluid, dynamic society that is changing and becoming. Wellness must no longer mean going through a daily routine, but having an experience. Faraway is a kit of components that consists of beautiful things, relaxed shapes, surfaces meant to be touched. The warmth of burnt ash, the softness of Cristalplant, and the scents of incenses: these are all integral to the project as key elements that help to define a new made-to-measure form of well-being that corresponds both to the real (physical) and/or the virtual (inner) journey all of us take, wherever we are in the world.

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