Neion Plus wall faced intelligent toilet pan with remote and Arcisan in-wall cistern

The Neion Plus incorporates a lot of the features of the Neion whilst including the features of a heated seat and prewetting of the bowl. The design is strictly modern with the straight lines fitting in with any contemporary bathroom design.

The Neion Plus has an extensive list of features as shown below:
• Simplified installation - RPZ valve not required
• Comfort front and rear washing functions
• Water pressure and temperature control
• Drying function with air temperature control
• LED ambient light
• Deodorisor
• Heated seat with adjustable temperature
• Prewetting of the bowl
• Removable self-cleaning nozzle
• Backlit glass status panel

Boasting a hard wearing, rimless ceramic pan and a nozzle that is self-cleaning before and after every use plus the tank runs a self-cleaning mode if left in standby for an extended period of time.

WELS 4 star 4.5/3 litres.
WELS License / Reg No: 1483 / L07620

NOTE: IMPORTANT – refer to the installation guide for correct install criteria. The Neion floor mount water closet pan with integrated bidet seat complies with WMTS-051. Bidet seat has integral break tank with air gap complying with AS 2845.2. Thus it meets the High-Hazard backflow prevention requirements of AS/NZS 3500.1 without the need for a RPZ valve.